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      zhaoxin auto parts co., LTD. Was established in 2010, the company was founded in the early through various channels to collect the world's largest car brand auto and auto aftermarket product information of auto filter parameters, production process and new advanced cleaner production equipment, and in 2013, located in nanhai district, foshan city, lion mountain auto parts industrial park formally put into production.This company specialized research and development,  production and sales of various types of auto filter is given priority to.The company has a professional technical team and strong marketing system, at present, the company products have been sold to Europe, the americas, the Middle East and southeast Asia and other markets around the world.Trillion xin adhering to the "create first-class enterprises, do first-class products, with practice, pay attention to the work, the pursuit of efficiency, the profession well-known brand" the development of policy, continue to build brand "zhaoxin" brand production and marketing, making the first brand of Chinese auto filter.Trillion xin companies yesterday, thank you for your trust!Trillion xin enterprise tomorrow still need your support!Let us join hands in creating a better future!

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  • Oil Filter:PF457G


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    93 18 6310

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    7174 1042

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